Coffee Workshops: From Bean to Mug

25 July 2022

If your passion is coffee, you’ll love the Taste Workshops organized by Lavazza! The events will take place in two special locations: Nuvola Lavazza and Factory 1985.

The first location needs no introduction. Opened in Turin in 2018, the building was designed by architect Cino Zucchi, and is the headquarters and nerve center of Nuvola Lavazza. Factory 1985 is not only a roastery and avant-garde café, but also a space dedicated to new ways of creating, storytelling, and tasting coffee.

Coffee is an agricultural product that has influence from many stakeholders, starting from the local producers at the base of the supply chain who take coffee from the bean and bring it to the mug. It is becoming important, therefore, to know how to sustain and support the producer communities who manage the processes and promotion of new concessions among all the participants of the supply chain. To this end, the Slow Food Coffee Coalition was founded – an inclusive network in which every participant, from the farmer to the consumer, works toward a common goal: a good, clean, and fair coffee.

The project’s value system, borne from Slow Food and Lavazza, lies among the others: on the safeguarding of the environment and ecosystems; on biodiversity as a systemic approach between the environment, community, and local producers; on practical measurability to protect the quality of different coffee processes; and on transparency along the entire supply chain. With an ethical and sustainable approach, we can get to know innumerable aspects of this product, from recognizing the work of the farmers, to promoting the identity and the knowledge of coffee towards the consumer.

The Lavazza Training Center at Terra Madre’s Salone del Gusto will take you on a coffee journey, using it in sweet and savory recipes, and sampling it alongside products and ingredients with similar sensory and territorial properties.

Montagna Camapara Coffee, a Slow Food Presidium. Photo: Arturo Sosa

Coffee Workshops


In this Workshop, in an exclusive preview we’ll present the new Lavazza blend, La Reserva de iTierra! Cuba, the first product certified by the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, a project developed with the Lavazza Foundation and local producers to support coffee cultivation in Cuba and an approach which unites quality and ethics. This new Cuban coffee is presented to taste with a variety of extraction methods, and is also the protagonist in a narrative and sensory journey through Cuban culture via iconic products like the mojito, chocolate and cigars.

September 23 – coffee in the kitchen – NUVOLA LAVAZZA

In this Workshop we look at coffee not as a drink, but as a multifunctional ingredient in the kitchen, both in sweet and savory dishes. Coffee in the kitchen will be conducted by a culinary expert at the Lavazza Training Center. Thanks to a partnership with the Haute-Cuisine School I.F.S.E. we discover the secrets of a complete gastronomic experience starting with the complex coffee blend of iTierra! from Cuba.

September 24 – Italian breakfast – NUVOLA LAVAZZA

Colazione italiana (Italian Breakfast) is a book published in 2021 with the Elbulli Foundation of Ferrà Adrià as part of the Elbullipedia series. It’s a holistic approach to the first meal of the day. In this Workshop the experts of the Lavazza Training Center will guide you on a sensory journey through sweet and savory breakfasts typical of different Italian regions, accompanied by a common protagonist: coffee. Participants will taste it both in its classic form and in more adventurous recipes.


September 22 – Coffee and chocolate – NUVOLA LAVAZZA

Two products with a strong sensory and territorial bond: the similarities and relationship between coffee and chocolate are obvious to all. In this Workshop we’ll taste the chocolate of Guido Gobino, famous Torinese chocolatier, together with the world of aromas found in Lavazza coffee. We’ll explore the importance of balance between the two elements, so that neither dominates the other, allowing room for the sensory intensity of both products.

September 26 – Coffee in every language – NUVOLA LAVAZZA

Coffee in every language: a journey around the world, discovering the different uses and customs around our favorite drink. We’ll explore the story of coffee through its different methods of preparation and tasting according to the traditions of different countries. From Turkish coffee, to Brazilian “sock” coffee and Touba coffee from Senegal.

September 24 and 25 – THE world of specialty coffee – FACTORY 1895

A 360° exploration of the world of Specialty Coffee at the 1895 Factory, where passion, artisanship and technology interweave with precision and harmony, with its roots in Italian style and a special focus on sustainability.

The coffelier will guide you as we discover the world of Specialty Coffee, giving you the tools to understand exactly what makes a coffee a specialty, from its cultivation in its country of origin to its taste in the cup. 

The Editors,

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is in Parco Dora, Turin, from September 22-26, 2022, with over 600 exhibitors and a series of workshops, conferences and tastings that show how we can regenerate our planet through food. #TerraMadre2022 is a Slow Food event.

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