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Dinner with the hens …but White Saluzzo hens

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Torino, Italy

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September 25th at 20:30 in your time zone

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Today the chicken is the most numerous farm animal on earth, its meat is one of the most consumed and will be even more so in the future. It is reared in halls of hundreds of thousands, in intensive systems: five weeks and it turns into a pale slice in a styrofoam tray.

To remind us how a chicken should live – on grass, eating also quality grains, earthworms and insects it finds on its own, raised slowly and without stress, in short: reared with respect – the Osteria Antiche Sere in Turin will offer a traditional Piedmontese menu with some dishes based on meat and eggs from the Slow Food Presidium’s Bianca di Saluzzo hens.  

The famers will also be there: Cascina Losetta will tell how they raise their Saluzzo White chickens and the Antiche Sere chef will explain the qualitative differences between the meat of rustic breeds and that commonly found on the market. At the end of dinner, the  ice cream made with eggs from the happy hens of Cascina Roseleto!

The dishes will be accompanied by wines from the Piedmont Presidia: Carema wine and Dolcetto wine from the ancient terraces paysage of Val Bormida 

35 € (per person) wines excluded. Reservations are required by calling +39 011 385 4347  

And if you want to learn more about chickens, eggs, how also meat starts from a safe and rich in biodiversity soil, and above all, how to make slow food choices, visit The Soil Circle, at Terra Madre, Parco Dora.

SUSTAvianFEED project represents a tangible approach for a more sustainable livestock sector based on circular economy principles. Partners of the activities are ALIA – Sociedad Agraria de Transformacion (Spain) – UMU – University of Murcia (Spain) – UNITO – University of Turin (Italy) – ISA-CM – Institut Superieur Agronomique de Chott Mariem (Tunisia) – Rayhana Ngo (Tunisia) – Entomo Consulting S.L. (Spain) – EGE University (Turkey) – Fondazione Slow Food per la Biodiversità Onlus (Italy). The project (grant Number 2015) is part of the PRIMA programme.


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Via Cenischia, 9 - Torino (Italy)
GPS: 45.0709818, 7.6429671

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