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Sensory analysis of cacao and chocolate

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Torino, Italy

September 26th at 09:30 in your time zone

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A multi-sensory tasting and analysis experience in the Guido Gobino workshop.

We’ll train our senses progressively, in search of the aromas, tactile sensations, colors and subtleties of chocolate. With the aid of sensory maps, samples of different chocolates with different percentages of cacao, and the tasting of the raw ingredients, we’ll be conducted through an exercise for all the senses, and learn to appreciate artisanal chocolate.

Before tasting there’s a guided tour of the factory where we’ll observe the production process.  We’ll visit the rooms where the cacao and hazelnuts are toasted, see the refining and conching of the chocolate, the making of gianduotti, the casting of prints, and packaging process. This journey will help you appreciate the aromas and colors of the raw ingredients selected by Gobino, the artisanal know-how of the chocolatiers, and the technology involved.

The tour is held inside the Guido Gobino chocolate factory. During the event you can purchase any remaining tickets at the Event Reception in Parco Dora.

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is in Parco Dora, Turin, from September 22-26, 2022, with over 600 exhibitors and a series of workshops, conferences and tastings that show how we can regenerate our planet through food. #TerraMadre2022 is a Slow Food event. Free entry.

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Event languages: IT, EN

Event location: 
, Guido Gobino Chocolate Factory
Via Cagliari 15/b, - Torino (Italy)
GPS: 45.0752542, 7.6968016

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