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Slow Seed Summit: Seed preservation and food security

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Brooklyn, United States of America

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May 13th at 17:00 in your time zone

Free event

For three days, hundreds of people from around the world will virtually gather, listen and discuss the regeneration of our world’s foodways to advance good, clean and fair food for all. Each day will focus on a new lens through which our attendees will listen, share and plan the future of our climate, health and food justice


Learn about global efforts in seed preservation on many scales: micro to large community seed library projects. We spotlight the practice of wild harvesting as a method of gaining food security. Today we explore the question: Can the act of seed preservation ensure food security?

All times are in CET.

5pm: Opening Keynote

Hear from Slow Food Vice President Edie Mukiibi about the state of Slow Seeds globally and what to expect during our summit!

6pm: Seed Libraries Powered by Community

Seed libraries protect our biodiversity and ensure food security. Hear from people doing just this on small and large scales, globally.

7.30pm: Watch & Learn

Watch and learn some prerecorded material about specific seed projects throughout the network!

8.15pm: Responsible Wild Harvesting

Food sovereignty includes wild foods. Learn from our speakers about harvesting wild seeds for food responsibly from many climates.

9.30pm: Watch & Learn

Watch and learn some prerecorded material about specific seed projects throughout the network!

12.45am: [SPANISH] Semillas Libres y Vivas Para Nuestra Soberania Alimentaria

La semilla es Vida, soberanía, alimento, libertad, memoria, cultura, resistencia, continuidad, origen, recuperar, conservar, encuentro, intercambio, articulación y relación con el agua, con la tierra y con el territorio.

This event is part of The Road to Terra Madre, a series of initiatives organized by the Slow Food network around the world to pave the way towards the international gathering which takes place in Turin, Italy, from September 22-26 and where participants will design the future of food together.           

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Event languages: EN, ES

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United States of America - New York, Slow Food USA
9322 3rd Avenue 402 - Brooklyn (United States of America)
GPS: 40.6181719, -74.0334542

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