Urban agriculture that starts from the bottom and redeems cities

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Torino, italy

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September 24th at 14:00 in your time zone

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For the first time in human history, the urban population has surpassed the rural population. This has led to an imbalance between cities and agricultural production areas and has alienated citizens from their food. 

The phenomenon of urban agriculture, which is spreading to many cities around the world, represents a form of resistance and redemption. 

In the Colombian city of Cali, for example, urban gardens have become tools of education, social inclusion and food sovereignty. 

In this meeting we discover different realities from Italy and around the world, united by the collaboration between institutions and civil society and the desire to create an active community to regain awareness of their spaces. 


  • councillor for Environment, Agriculture and Waste Cycle, City of Rome,
  • SFYN Cauca Valley.
  • Luis Pino Ramirez, Municipality of Cali. 
  • Natali Sanchez Murillo, Municipality of Cali.
  • Sebastian Quintero Collazos, Municipality of Cali.
  • Eli Schneider, Cali’s Jarillon project manager.
  • James Agudelo Arevalo, project manager of Jarillon of Cali.
  • Andrea Messori, Orti in Comune representative, City of Rome. 


  • Valerio Borgianelli, Orti in condotta dell’Orto in Campania, Slow Food. 

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is in Parco Dora, Turin, from September 22-26, 2022, with over 600 exhibitors and a series of workshops, conferences and tastings that show how we can regenerate our planet through food. #TerraMadre2022 is a Slow Food event.

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Event languages: IT, ES

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, Feeding the city - Conference Space
Ingressi Verolengo e Mortara - Torino (italy )
GPS: 45.092435, 7.666317

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