Food Talks

This format started with Terra Madre 2020, but in 2022 they’ll be held in person! Activists, writers, teachers, farmers, herders, fishers and cooks will bring their experiences live to the stages of Parco Dora.

They’ll speak to us about their work, projects and experiences, offering their vision on the numerous themes around the world of food, agriculture and the environment.

The Food Talks are a chance for exchange and dialog, and are held in our two Arenas, named for Gino Strada and Berta Cáceres.

Honoring Gino Strada
Sep 22nd – 11:00am
Piemonte – Torino – Parco Dora, italy
Andrea against Goliath: a victory that has made history
Sep 22nd – 2:00pm
Piemonte – Torino – Parco Dora, italy
Deep Medicine and the decolonization of food
Sep 22nd – 3:30pm
Piemonte – Torino – Parco Dora, Italy
Food Environment transformation
Sep 22nd – 4:15pm
Piemonte – Torino – Parco Dora, Italy

Food Talks: where experts speak

One part of the Food Talks focused on researchers, writers and other influencers. We’ll inaugurate the series with Cecilia Strada, the communication manager for ResQ People Saving People, who speaks about the link between war, migration and poverty. We’ll look for alternatives to a model based on the exploitation of nature together with the anthropologist Marco Aime, and, with Stefano Liberti, we’ll explore the effects of the climate crisis on agriculture: from drought to extreme weather events and invasive species…

Slow Food voices

Together with these expert testimonies we have the stories and experiences of people within the Slow Food movement who are committed to building a good, clean and fair future for all. We’ll learn to appreciate mussels, oysters and algae with Jannie Vestergård, Vice-President of Slow food Denmark, who cultivates seafood in oceanic gardens. We’ll hear the testimony of Umar Bashir Ochen, a young indigenous herder of the Karamagong people in Uganda who fights to improve the conditions of his community every day. We’ll also hear from Asmelash Dagne Datiko, who works to help Ethiopian farmers regenerate their soils and fight desertification.

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