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22 August 2022

Terra Madre 2022 is host to a concentration of forward-thinking food events unlike anything else, from the most pressing global issues to more obscure gastronomic curiosities; it’s all on the menu in Turin for just a few short days.

Faced with this cornucopia of culinary options, choosing what to go and see is no easy task!

Here are some recommended highlights from three new event spaces for 2022: RegenerActions, the Gino Strada Arena and the Food and Health area.

RegenerActions Highlights

The RegenerActions space will be the center for knowledge-sharing on food regeneration: realistic strategies for you to incorporate into your life and inspire you to explore further.  

Pineapple rind tea, banana cake and vegetable powder. African leftover recipes 

Join Olajumoke Okeola to learn how to bring life to ingredients we might otherwise throw away. We’ll observe regeneration techniques from three African cuisines… and get to taste them, too

When: September 22, 14:00 

Olajumoke Okeol

Wealth, food and health: Everything that’s good about seeds

What encapsulates the idea of regeneration better than seeds? Meet Clayton Brascoupé as he leads a discussion on the value of seeds for our personal health and the health of the environment. 

When: September 23, 14:00 

Don’t Throw it Away – Ferment it! 

Wondering about the wild world of fermentation? Join us for an informative discussion about fermentation techniques around the world, and how it can be used to fight food waste.  

When: September 23, 15:30 

The Wonderful World of Algae 

Could the answer to finding a sustainable, local food source be right under our noses? Join us to learn about the extraordinary aspects of algae and how to use it, from traditional techniques to innovative methods. 

When: September 24, 15:30 

Raising the Bar (of soap!) 

RegenerActions isn’t limited to food! In this event, we’ll see how we can transform natural ingredients and would-be waste products into homemade soaps, featuring esteemed guests from Slow Food Béarne in France. 

When: September 26, 11:00 

Clayton Brascoupe

Food and Health – Reale Mutua Highlights

In this location, the focus of our events will be on the importance of food-related health. We’ll bring experts from all over the world to talk about the current issues and discuss ideas for change and improvement. 

Food And Health – Slow Food and Reale Mutua Together 

We’ll kick off our series in this venue with an event that will explain the collaboration between Slow Food and Reale Mutua, an insurance company dedicated to promoting a healthy well-being and lifestyle. 

When: September 22, 11:00 

How to Improve Public Health 

This event will explore strategies on how we, the consumers, might be able to affect changes in public health. We’ll discuss how our individual and collective food choices have power, and how we can create a healthier society.  

When: September 23, 18:00 

Influencers and Healthier Alternatives 

Social media is a powerful tool in communicating information, so what if we used it to promote personal and environmental health? This event will dive into ways we can effectively harness the power of social media to affect healthy lifestyle changes in our societies.  

When: September 25, 11:00 

Getting Kids to the Table 

Any picky eaters in the family? In collaboration with Giovani Genitori, an online parenting magazine, we’ll chat about strategies to get children on board with healthy eating by integrating creativity and interaction into mealtimes.  

When: September 25, 16:30 

Fifty Shades of Corn 

We’ll round out Terra Madre with a very enticing topic of discussion: corn! Slow Mays will lead a chat about the incredibly diverse varieties of corn, how they’re grown, and how corn can be used to support a healthy lifestyle.  

When: September 26, 14:00 

Gino Strada Arena highlights

We’ll inaugurate and dedicate a new space at Terra Madre to the memory of Gino Strada, founder of Emergency, a humanitarian association to help victims of war and poverty. This space will be used to hold events about the links between food, peace, migration, and sovereignty. 

Honoring Gino Strada 

Join us for an important event honoring the life of Gino Strada, founder of Emergency. We have invited Cecilia Strada, daughter of Gino, to participate in a discussion about the legacy of her father and the ongoing challenges we face at home and globally. 

When: September 22, 11:00 

Building Communities 

One of the pillars of Slow Food is community building. But how is a community based in Slow Food values created? We’ll chat with some community leaders and organizers about strategies to turn these ideas into realities.  

When: September 22, 18:00 

Tales of Extraordinary Solidarity 

At this event, we’ll hear true stories of support and solidarity among people of marginalized communities, and how food is a powerful tool to bring communities closer together.  

When: September 23, 18:00 

Andrea Against Goliath: A Victory That Has Made History 

Esteemed guest and activist, Andrea Cisterna Araya, will join us in the Gino Strada Arena to tell her story of struggle, protest, and victory in overcoming challenges in the established food systems of her home country, Chile.  

When: September 25, 13:30 

The Earth Markets Network 

Earth Markets are a network of small food producers and artisans, located all over the world. These spaces specialize in community building and embody the spirit of Slow Food and Terra Madre. Join us for an informative chat about the history of Earth Markets and plans for the future.  

When: September 25, 18:00 

These events are a mere sampling of the huge and diverse offering we’ll have at Terra Madre this year. Please use the Event Search function to find events that suit your interests and availability. We’re excited to welcome you. 

All the events are free, but please remember to register.  

by Daniel Cruse, info.eventi@slowfood.it

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is in Parco Dora, Turin, from September 22-26, 2022. More than 600 exhibitors and a series of workshops, conferences and tastings show how we can regenerate our planet through food. #TerraMadre2022 is a Slow Food event. Free entry. 

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