From September 22-26, the event spaces of the Terra Madre festival will be organized according to the three pillars of Slow Food action: biodiversity, education and advocacy.

The three pillars

Biodiversity, education, advocacy. These are the three pillars of the “Urgent call to slow down”, which has been the guiding document of Slow Food action since its adoption at the 7th Slow Food International Congress, held in Chengdu in 2017.

At Terra Madre 2022 you’ll see how these principles can also be used to organize the physical layout of the event, and of course, the activities within it.


Over 30 years spent defending the biodiversity of food have shown us it was – and is – the right path to take. Biodiversity begins with food, and also includes the diversity of cultures and traditional knowledge in our human community.

At Terra Madre biodiversity will take center stage in exhibition spaces dedicated to specific food chains. Among these, we’ll have one for flour and bread: a powerful symbol of regeneration, with all its sacred and spiritual value, and a vital source of sustenance for millions. Yet the global food security offered by wheat is under threat: from the ongoing climate crisis, and more recently from the war in Ukraine.


Slow Food has always had an innovative approach to food and taste education, based on reawakening our senses and training them to recognize various aspects of our food, from farm to fork.

At Terra Madre we’ll be sharing knowledge through the experiences of our delegates and their projects around the world, as well as through activities for children and families. We’re also organizing an educational garden for everyone to learn more about growing food, hands on!


Advocacy has been one of the pillars of Slow Food activity since the organization’s beginnings. Our methods and collaborators may have changed over time, but we’ve constantly tried to shape public opinion and called attention to topics which are now being taken seriously by governments, particularly concerning the link between food production and the environment.

What petitions is Slow Food involved in? What campaigns are activists in the Slow Food movement working on, and how are they getting the attention of politicians?


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