First exhibitors online!

08 July 2022

With hundreds of exhibitors from Italy and around the world, the Market at Terra Madre hosts producers who are regenerating the food system day by day.

As ever, the Market is a central meeting place at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto. It’s an extraordinary gastronomic showcase where producers selected by Slow Food can speak with students, restaurateurs, artisans and buyers. Above all, it’s a meeting place for enthusiasts and curious visitors who are experiencing Terra Madre for the first time.

This is the place to meet the people behind some of the most delicious representatives of good, clean and fair food, all in one place: farmers, artisans, cheesemakers and bakers who work with respect for their traditions, for the environment and for the health of their customers. This chance for direct dialog with producers what sets Terra Madre apart from other food fairs.

Guidelines for exhibitors

The Market seeks to reaffirm the integrity of the event’s founding principles. The selection of exhibitors is made according to detailed guidelines and, in 2022 more than ever, will create an opportunity for dialog among food industry professionals around the serious challenges our food systems face. 

Europe comes to Turin

There are lots of exhibitors coming to Turin from across the continent: from Greece to Sweden and from Spain to Latvia we welcome producers who bear witness to how agriculture can regenerate a food system and move beyond the logic of finance and profit maximization.

Durable, replicable economic models based on extraordinary products exist and must be promoted. These producers all share the same uncertainties and the same demands of the European Union, from a Common Agricultural Policy in line with the Green Deal to the application of the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity 2030 strategies: policies that could change the face of European agriculture, but which are threatened by the same old lobbies and commercial interests behind GMOs and an agricultural system based on the enormous use of synthetic chemicals.

Biodiversity protected by Slow Food

The Slow Food Presidia are projects which work to save agricultural biodiversity worldwide. There are 627 Presidia spread across 79 countries, representing a wide range of cultures, communities and ecosystems: from the Alps to tropical forests, small islands and suburbia. Many of them will be available at the Market, while others will be present in our Taste Workshops.

A last but vital piece of information: the Market at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is free to access! No entrance ticket is required.

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