Bolle di Malto - Exhibition of craft breweries


via tripoli, 1
13900 biella (BI)

Bolle di Malto is an event dedicated to Italian craft beer.
The goal is to enhance and spread the culture of good food and quality products by supporting the Italian supply chain and its production.
The ingredients are simple, excellent beer, good food and music, but the product of this recipe is a leading event in the sector where beer is experienced and told.
Bolle di Malto brings back to the center of the discussion a strategic sector of the Italian economy, craft beer and its micro-breweries, aiming at a growth of the project we expand the schedule with courses, tastings and meetings between experts and amateurs of the sector.
From the first edition held in 2015, born a bit for fun and a bit as a bet, the response of the public has always grown until 2019 when the event welcomed over 90,000 visitors from all over Italy, with a consumption of over 30,000 liters. of craft beer.
On the strength of these numbers, Bolle di Malto is today the country’s first participation event dedicated to the culture and tradition of the brewing industry.
This year the Bolle di Malto event, will be held in Biella from 25 to 29 August, will have 7000 square meters of exhibition, 20 craft breweries from different Italian regions, over 300 styles of beer and 100 products from street kitchens, 2400 minutes of live music.
These are the numbers of Bolle di Malto – Artisan Brewery Review.
This year, in fact, the first edition of the “Bolle di Malto” awards comes to life: “Creative Beer”, “Sustainable Brewery” and “Mastri Birrai in collaboration”. “Casa Bolle” is born, an area dedicated to the companies of the national territory that support the initiative and overlook the world of Bolle di Malto and all its customers, as well as “Arena Bolle” which will host the conference “General States of Craft Beer “, meeting point between institutions, distributors, professionals and enthusiasts of the sector.
A perfect place for all those who love craft beer and want to live it and tell it with passion.
You will find all the information about our project on our website and on our social networks.

They tell some moments of Bolle di Malto, the beer, the food, the music and the enthusiastic audience.