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Marche is a region rich in history and cultural sites that has all the ingredients to satisfy visitors of any type. Since tourism has become a global market, the Marche region has widened its tourist offer, thanks to competitive services.

In the official tourism web site you can find a comprehensive list of the different types of tourism , including new and emerging ones.

Each section contains any information to plan a holiday:

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There are so many reasons to visit the Marches, a truly surprising region, that can attract even the most demanding visitor. It’s a place where travelers can still feel a genuine sense of discovery, authenticity and quiet pleasures. It’s a destination where you can sample all the delights of la dolce vita and can almost taste the pioneering spirit among the mountains. You may feel you have crossed a new frontier.

Ancient crafts and cuisine are deeply rooted in old traditions.  Actually dishes are strictly based on local produce, each local area has its distinctive typical gastronomy.

From the flavours of the Adriatic fish to the meals served in the hills and mountains, the Marche region offers an incredible variety of typical dishes following recipes and ancient traditions. 20 DOC and DOCG wines matching well with the creations of local cuisine: in this land every flavor has its wine and each mutation of  landscape correspond more or less intense aromas. It’s impossible to resist.


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