Valle d'Aosta Autonomous Region


loc. la maladiere, rue de la maladiere 39
11020 saint-christophe (AO)

Valle d’Aosta is set between Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Cervino (Matterhorn) and the Monte Rosa Massif, a region in which agriculture is well adapted to morphology, modelling the landscape over time and creating the right balance between nature and farming, human activities and the sequence of season.

Four excellences have PDO quality marking: Fontina, Valle d’Aosta Fromadzo, Valle d’Aosta Jambon de Bosses and Valle d’Aosta Lard d’Arnad.

More than 30 products are classified as Traditional in a Ministerial Decree but there are many other typical local products. Each product has its own history and strong bonds to the land as confirmed in written and oral historical sources and in local craftsmanship.

The most emblematic proof of the striving for quality combined to development is the success of wines from Valle d’Aosta, which are now the emblem of the region. Their quality is recognized internationally. Some wines are unique in the world and are being very successful in these times of globalization because of their authenticity.

Working in vineyards is consequently very tough for our winegrowers and traditional methods are still used. We can certainly boast a rich presence of native varietals and a number of traditional varieties which have always been present. Local PDO wines are made in seven clearly defined subzones. The name of these local PDO wines is, since 1985, Valle d’Aosta or Vallée d’Aoste followed by the name of the corresponding zone or the name of grape variety.


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