Abruzzo - Terre Pescaresi Società Consortile


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Abruzzo Region’s participation at Terra Madre comes from a joint cooperation among regional and local authorities and institutions. They have worked together towards a common and shared goal, that is communities’ regeneration to address a more sustainable future. This sense of regeneration is not only social and economic but also an environmental one. It can be pursued foremostly through the safeguard of agricultural and zootechnical biodiversity, as well as through the conservation of natural resources, with a focused attention on the generations to come. This region has built its own mission on nature conservation and it has been recognized as the green heart of Europe for decades. Men’s workforce and the regeneration of resources have given us agricultural landscapes built as if they were true pieces of perfectly integrated mosaics. Singularly unique ecosystems are noteworthy both along the coast and up the mountains, where trabocchi (artisanal fishery gears) and tratturi (sheep tracks) have survived throughout micro daily stories and millennial traditions. NOW it is up to us to preserve all of this more forcefully than ever, mending every crisis with new stitches and continuing to replant the seeds of the future with renewed determination.

The undisputed protagonists of this regenerative path are farmers, breeders, fishermen, producers, cooks, artisans, volunteers and all those subjects who, thanks to their work, chave been in charge of the territorial safeguard, and so far have renewed the wealth of heritages.

The Abruzzo Region, the Chamber of Commerce, the Local Action Groups, along with the Slow Food Convivia have funded and supported the participation of these “slow heroes”, so that the message of the good, clean and fair food is directly conveyed and spread by those who made of this slogan a life choice.

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