Slow Food Travel: discovering flavors new and old

18 July 2022

In every place there are stories, flavors and artisanal practices conserved by women and men who have built up cultures and identities over the centuries. Learning about local food is an opportunity to explore the traditions and cultural heritage through the senses: this is the guiding principle behind Slow Food Travel.

Every land is home to unique specialties and gastronomic pearls to discover. Food is the perfect prism through which to explore the social and cultural heritage of the places we visit.

Discovering new places through authentic flavors and artisanal agriculture: this is the model behind Slow Food Travel, where travelers meet farmers, food artisans, conscious restaurateurs and others in the world of hospitality. The aim is to share the message of biodiversity conservation and the value of connecting with local identities and cultures when we’re away from home.

The Taste Workshops at Terra Madre have been designed to guide you through these gastronomic itineraries and discover the work of some of the protagonists of the Slow Food Travel network.

September 23 – Etna: the heritage of biodiversity – PARCO DORA, SALA UNICREDIT 2 –

Bronte Pistacchio
Bronte Pistacchio, Slow Food Presidium, Sicily. Photo: G. Leone

This Workshop is infused with a volcanic aroma through bread made with a local cereal variety: Irmana rye. With it we’ll taste different local cultivars of extra virgin olive oil, Bronte Pistachios, Magghia Masculina, and honey made with Etna saffron. Then, from roots laid deep in the volcanic soil of Etna, we taste still and sparkling wines, before finishing with local apple varieties and liqueurs made with sustainably-cultivated local citrus fruit.

September 24 – Delicacies of the Karst Plateau – PARCO DORA, SALA UNICREDIT 2

Karst Sheep
Karst Sheep, Slow Food Presidium, Friuli Venezia Giulia

Heroic agriculture has been at the core of community life on the Karst Plateau for centuries, where Istrian Sheep (Ark of Taste) are herded, and, in good years, Marasca Honey (also Ark of Taste) is made from the nectar of cherry tree flowers. In this workshop we’ll explore these and other local delicacies: cave-aged jamar cheese, cured meats from wild-raised pigs, oil from Bjelica olives (Ark of Taste) and wines made from Malvasia, Vitovska and Terrano grapes.

September 25 – Fermented foods of the Slovenian tradition in Northeast Italy – Parco Dora, Sala Unicredit 2

In this Taste Workshop we’ll taste a number of dishes where fermented foods play a central role:

  • briza, a traditional harvest soup made with white pumpkins
  • štakanje, a mash of seasonal vegetables
  • goat and cow milk cheeses from small-scale producers
  • gubana, a historic dessert

All of this will be accompanied by Slow wines from the Eastern Hills of Friuli and by Slivovitz, a typical prune spirit made in Slovenia, just a few kilometers over the border.

September 26 – Carinthia: the enchanting valley of Lesachta – PARCO DORA, SALA UNICREDIT 2

Lesachtal Bread
Lesachtal Bread, Slow Food Presidium, Austria. Photo: Wolfgang Hummer.

Carinthia is a region of Austria with a proud gastronomic tradition that exudes its love for nature. This Workshop starts with the ancient windmills and dairies that dot the region, and taste Lesachtal Bread, raw milk cheeses and cured meats, discovering different methods of production. The unifying theme is the sold link with the land and respect for nature.

The Editors,

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is in Parco Dora, Turin, from September 22-26, 2022, with over 600 exhibitors and a series of workshops, conferences and tastings that show how we can regenerate our planet through food.

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