Terra Madre Sibilla is dedicated to the Apennines of the Marche

30 May 2022

Two days dedicated to the Apennines of the Marche, reflecting on the future for the communities that live in the land hard-hit by the earthquake of 2016.

At Terra Madre Sibilla, from June 4-5 in Gualdo, in Macerata Province, held by Slow Food Macerata in collaboration with the Gualdo Municipal Authority, the Marche Institute for the Protection of Wine and Slow Food Italia.

There’s a need to rebuild the social fabric here, sometimes completely, but it provides a chance to test virtuous models of regeneration for present and future communities. The objective of Terra Madre Sibilla is to support the young farmers, herders and cheesemakers restoring authenticity to Apennines of the Marche.

All this is helped by the relaunching of artisanal stores with a modern touch, as places where services are provided for local residents and a sense of community is founded through solidarity, exchange and hospitality.

The Sibilinni producers’ market: discovering the excellence of the Marche Apennines

Sibillini Mountains Pecorino
The pastures of the Sibillini Mountains Pecorino (Slow Food Presidium). Photo: Slow Food Archive

Discover local products and Presidia like Sibillini Mountains Pecorino; Castignano Green Anice; Sibillini Mountains Pink Apple; Civita di Cascia Roveja. A market with all these and more will be held in the historic town center of Gualdo.

There’ll also be food trucks, taste workshops on oil and pecorino cheese, conferences on the Apennine communities of the Marche where we’ll discuss what future lies ahead for the beautiful and fragile lands.

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The revival of these mountain villages and the social and economic regeneration of local communities: the two challenges for Terra Madre Sibilla

Sibillini Mountains Pink Apple, Slow Food Presidium. Photo: Slow Food Archive

The first conference on Saturday, June 4 is dedicated to the revival of mountain villages, where we’ll discuss good practices and virtuous examples among communities in the Marche Apennines. On Sunday, June 5, Vincenzo Maidani, President of Slow Food Marche, introduces a conference dedicated to  the social and economic regeneration of local communities.

“The lands affected by earthquakes are an ideal workshop to reflect on the future of these inland areas. We want to stand side by side by the communities who are still present and facilitate exchange among the people of the Apennines. To develop a common outlook for the construction of the communities of tomorrow,” explains Vincenzo Maidani, President of Slow Food Marche.

This event is part of The Road to Terra Madre, a series of initiatives organized by the Slow Food network around the world to pave the way towards the international gathering which takes place in Turin, Italy, from September 22-26 and where participants will design the future of food together.

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