The Market

The Market has always been the heart of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, a meeting place for thousands of producers from across the world and hundreds of thousands of visitors, a unique occasion to discover the extraordinary gastronomic diversity of every continent.

Slow Food has always supported its exhibitors, making them ambassadors of good, clean and fair food and Slow Food International campaigns.

This commitment is expressed through our selection criteria, a tool in continuous evolution which has the dual objective of being useful for producers and being fully in line with Slow Food principles.

These guidelines, as well as being a useful tool for the organization to select which businesses would be suitable exhibitors, are a also point of reference for the producers themselves, who can use them to orient their work in the search for greater overall quality.

Market exhibitors as examples of regeneration

Through their work, market exhibitors can be examples of regeneration by giving themselves solid, noble goals:

  • to defend biodiversity, promote ecologically-friendly agroecological practices, protect soil fertility, respect animal welfare, use raw milk and the promotion of sustainable and adopt sustainable fishing techniques;
  • to reduce (and ideally eliminate) their use of synthetic chemicals in agriculture (both fertilizers and pesticides), reject GMOs, additives, artificial colorants and preservatives, fight food waste and the excessive use of packaging and disposable, single-use containers.

Curious to know more? Read the full selection criteria for exhibitors.

Real examples of Regeneration

Among cheeses, center stage will go to those made with the raw milk of animals who’ve been raised on pastures. Beyond their diet, we also consider other aspects of their welfare too. Priority is given to natural cheeses, i.e. those made without the use of selected starter cultures.

Regarding seafood, the first rule among our producers is to safeguard the sea. Those who follow Slow Fish know that we don’t allow the sale of bluefin tuna, swordfish or farmed salmon. We’re mindful of fish stocks, in particular regarding cod and wild salmon, and we require that products on sale have their FAO fishing area clearly labeled and that the fishing techniques used are highly selective, in order to reduce unwanted bycatch.

from ancient grains to natural charcuterie

As far as bread is concerned we give priority to products made with cereals of local origin, or ancient grain varieties. Only sourdough breads are allowed, and products made with bread-making improvers and aids, artificial additives, stabilizers, preservatives, flavor enhancers, malt extract, enzymatic aids, lecithin and emulsifiers, colorings, polishers, waxes, artificial flavors and nature-identical flavors are definitely not on the menu. In other words, we promote natural bread.

Naturalness is also key in our selection of meat products. We give priority to businesses who work with native breeds raised wild or semi-wild, and who don’t use nitrites or nitrates in the curing process of their charcuterie. These products don’t just have a lower environmental impact: they’re also better for our health.

Are you a food producer in line with our philosophy and selection criteria? Write to with a presentation of your business and the products you’d like to bring to Terra Madre, and we’ll be in touch.

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