The Road to Terra Madre

Terra Madre 2022 isn’t just at Parco Dora in Turin, from September 22-26: it’s a series of activities taking place along the journey to the main event: The Road to Terra Madre.

We got started from April 7-10 with Slow Cheese Bodrum in Turkey and the Markt des guten Geschmacks from April 21-24 in Germany, and we have further events lined up around the world as we gear up for September in Turin.

The Road to Terra Madre

The Road to Terra Madre is a series of initiatives that showcase positive models for the transformation of our food systems. As the climate crisis, the pandemic and most recently the war in Ukraine have shown us, our current food systems are plagued by inadequacies.

The events on The Road to Terra Madre are festivals of their own, with a variety of activities planned, and are part of the official program of Terra Madre.

On the calendar

Some important dates on the calendar so far:

  • Bodrum, Turkey, April 7-10, Slow Cheese Bodrum. Producers’ market of artisanal cheeses from Anatolia, together with conferences and workshops
  • Stuttgart, Germany, April 21-24, Markt des guten Geschmacks. A four-day market with a focus on sustainable, local and artisanal food
  • Around the world, April 30, World Disco Soup Day, a collective, international event organized by the Slow Food Youth Network to fight food waste and climate change – now in its sixth edition!
  • Rome, Italy, May 6-8. The Terre e Città (Lands and cities) festival features workshops, conferences and a market.
  • Rome, Italy, May 13-15, Terra Madre Preview as past of the Small Towns Festival in Lazio
  • Online, May 13-15, Slow Seed Summit, with three days of meetings among farmers, experts and activities to discuss food sovereignty and seed conservation
  • Trento, Italy, May 27-29, Le Terre Alte (The Highlands) festival

To be continued!

All these events are part of The Road to Terra Madre, a series of activities organized by the Slow Food network around the world to pave the way for our largest international gathering in Turin, Italy. From September 22-26, our network will come together to shape the future of food, agriculture, and our planet through regeneration.


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