A strong delegation from Latin America at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto

06 Settembre 2022

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The 14th edition of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto will take place in Turin from September 22-26, 2022. Terra Madre, the largest gathering of the Slow Food network, aims at designing a different future for food, a future that takes shape through the daily choices of individuals, in the collective efforts of communities, and in the policies of both public and private institutions. Over 3000 delegates from 130 countries and more than 600 exhibitors will participate to the event.

Slow Food’s delegation from Latin America consists of about 100 people. A diverse group of family farmers, producers, chefs, academics, activists from the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) and students are eagerly awaiting the event.

On Thursday September 22 at 11.30 am some members of the Latin American and Caribbean network will share their experience advocating for better food policies during the workshop Latin America and Caribbean: Advocacy Capacity Building Workshop. The participants will be Leidy Casimiro from Cuba, Maritza Nieto from Chile and Liza Melina Meza Flores from Peru. On the same day at 5 pm Elisa Loncón Antileo, a Mapuche activist for indigenous rights and president of the Chilean constitutional convention in Chile, will participate to the Conference The Regeneration we need.

On Friday 23 at 12 pm the farmer, researcher and activist Elisa D’Aloisio, who used to work for many years in northeastern Argentina, will talk during the forum No one excluded! Why we say no to GMOs. At 12.30 pm the Tambopata community of Peru will take part in the RegenerActions tasting From The Apennines To The Andes, Everything You Can Do With Chestnuts.

On the same day at 2 pm the Argentinian journalist Karina Ocampo, author of the book La ruta del maíz, will take part to the Food Talk Where Corn Is Food, Life, Sacredness And Resistance within the Gino Strada Arena. At the same time some delegates from South America will participate to the workshop Advocating against Land Grabbing within the Activism Square.

On Friday 23 at 6 pm the Uruguayan singer-writer Hugo Trova and the Chilean artist Hector Mono Carrasco will celebrate a wall painting realized on the proposal of the association Chileans In Italy El Caleuche during the event South America In Turin.

On Saturday 24 at 10 am the activists of Slow Food Brazil will present the project “Defense of the socio-biodiversity and food culture in Bahia” during the forum 50 Foods to Save in Bahia within the Berta Cáceres Arena. At 12,30 Hilda Fany León Aguayo, fisherwoman and advocator who harvests shellfish in the mangroves of Tumbes in Puerto Peru, will take part to the forum The Health of Ecosystems: A Common Good to Preserve. At 2 pm the delegates of the Slow Wine Coalition from Jardín Oculto in Bolivia and Pepe Moquillaza Wines in Peru will talk about their experiences during the forum Wine is Territory within the Berta Cáceres Arena.

On the same day at 3.30 pm during the forum Reforestation Is Regeneration: The Guardians of The Amazon Rainforest in Peru it will be presented the project of reforestation supported by Lavazza Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, the local Indigenous Communities and CESVI. At 4 pm Larissa Mies Bombardi will take part to the workshop Advocating for a Pesticide and GMO Free Future.

On Saturday 24 5.30 pm the Taste Workshop The Latin American Wine Panorama will celebrate the different techniques and varieties and take in a wide panorama of what’s happening in the Latin American wine scene, which is still full of surprises.

On Sunday 25 at 10 am Slow Food Brazil will present the project “Territory and food culture in Ceará” during the forum Ceará: Discovering an Angle of Brazil within the Berta Cáceres Arena.The project is an initiative of the Slow Food Association of Brazil (Asfb) and the Aksaam project promoted by the Ifad and Federal University of Viçosa, in collaboration with the Paulo Freire (Ifad), São José (World Bank) and School of Social Gastronomy of Ceará. At 11 am the Bolivian activist Lizet Bautista Patzi will participate to the Food Talk Lizet and the Discovery of Ajara within the Berta Cáceres Arena while at 1,30 pm the Chilean farmer and activist Andrea Soledad Cisterna Araya, who fights against industrial farming techniques, will participate to the Food talk Andrea Against Goliath: A Victory That Has Made History within the Gino Strada Arena.

On the same day at 2 pm in the RegenerAction area Luiziane Viana will present fruits and food of the Amazon Rainforest during the educational activity The Rainforest on our Tables. At 6.30 pm during the RegenerActions tasting activity Manioca: Flours, Stories And Cultures the protagonist will be manioca and its several uses as an ingredient in breads, couscous, crisp crêpes, biscuits and more besides.

On Monday 26 at 10 pm during the interactive workshop Niyat Project: A Guide to Increasing Food Security In The Gran Chaco within the RegenerAction area there will be the presentation of a publication resulting from the co-design process done with local Indigenous Communities of Gran Chaco, Argentina, to guide the development of food modules. At 12 pm the Chilean activists Marcela Paz Ramos Espinoza and Valeria Daniela Becerra Sepúlveda will take part to the workshop Advocating for food sovereignty and food justice. At 2 pm the Food talk Women and The Regeneration of the Food System within the Berta Cáceres Arena will host Dalí Nolasco Cruz, a Mexican farmer, activist and member of the new Slow Food International board of directors.

Meet the delegates

Beyond the official program, many delegates from Latin America will be present at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto.


  • Diana Marcela Ampudia Sjogreen, a young woman from the Raizal people will share her experiences and projects on community gardens and education.
  • Jennifer Marsiglia Pastrana will present some education projects aiming at valorizing traditional cuisine.
  • Ana Isabel Márquez Pérez, anthropologist, has dedicated her academic studies to research on the relationships between the people and the sea, as well as other local issues, with the aim of contributing to the strengthening of local processes and safeguarding the cultural legacy of the Providencia islanders. She works with several fishing communities in Colombia and organizes a festival to celebrate the raizal navigation culture and traditional fishing wisdom and is Member of the Slow Fish international Advisory Board.


  • Luisa Maria Velez Sabando and Laura Valentina Álvarez Solórzano will share their experience in promoting the new gastronomic Slow Food Travel route within the Manabí area.
  • Maria Nelly Torres Benavides is an activist and has created the first Latinamerican network of women harvesters of crab in the mangroves “Mujderes Rizomas de Vida”.
  • Líder Góngora Farias has set up ALMACC (Alianza Latinoamericana para la conservación de los ecosistemas marino costeros en el contexto de cambio climático) where they revendicate the need to center ecosystem regeneration at the grassroot level and involving the communities.


. Saul Elias Lopez Molina is a young activist and agronomist, very active in promoting policies of food sovereignty and fighting against food waste


  • Ysabel Agustina Calderon Carlos is a young honey producer who promotes biodiversity protection and the Ruta de la Miel de Abeja, a touristic tour dedicated to bees and reforestation.
  • Cesar Marin is a coffee producer part of the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, whose Café Sustentable Villa Rica will be available at the Terra Madre Kitchen.
  • Wilma Ninon Diaz Giersch is a farmer from an Amazonian Slow Food community involved in promoting school gardens and education projects.
  • Fany Hilda León Aguayo is a fisherwoman who harvests crab and other species in the mangroves, who denounces what threatens the mangroves regeneration.


  • Lizet Bautista Pazti is a farmer and a symnbol of empowermet for her community. Thanks to her efforts, the native Ajara plant is now on board of the Slow Food Ark of Taste and farmed within her indigenous community.


  • Arturo Esteban Herrera Rimán and his wife María Carolina Alvarado Aspillaga, President of Slow Food Chile, are the owners of the Herrera Alvarado Winery in Quilpué, Chile, and founders of the Slow Wine Marga Marga Community, members of the international Slow Wine network. They will present the biodynamic grape growing and wine making techniques they still carry on at their farm.
  • Rodrigo Andrés Gallardo Gallardo is a rural producer from Chiloé Island in southern Chile. He will bring to Terra Madre his experience regarding the valorization of Chiloé’s pre-Hispanic products, products safeguarded by local communities, sold at the local Earth Market, and studied at the local School of Agroecology (supported by the Reale Foundation).


  • Analía Carmen Rodríguez, from the indigenous Wichi people, is a member of COMAR – Cooperativa de Mujeres Artesanales del Gran Chaco. She will attend Terra Madre representing the hundreds of indigenous women farmers from 3 Argentine provinces participating in the Niyat project, with the aim of creating indigenous leaders and strengthening the region’s food security through the installation of agrosilvopastoral modules based on local resources.
  • Mónica Liliana Vázquez is an activist from the Punilla Agroecological Food Community (Province of Córdoba), with extensive experience in defending the “monte nativo” system (local forests) and the valorization of the products derived from it. In light of the project she coordinates related to the development of community and urban gardens (one in the city of Cordoba) she will bring her knowledge to the Terra Madre Gardens area.


  • María Ines Bernardi Bertotto is a cook and baker who sells her products at the Earth Market “Colonia: Sabores y Tradiciones”. At her Community, she is involved in offering workshops to children and adults on cooking local and seasonal products, and hands-on activities to avoid food waste. She is among 60 young activists who participated in the 2021 Training Course “Capacity building opportunity for new Slow Food leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean” offered by Slow Food International with the goal of finding and training future activists.

Here you find the full program of the event.

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is organized by Slow Food, Piedmont Region and City of Turin. The event has been made possible by the support of companies who believe in the values and objectives of the event, including Main Partners:  Iren, Lavazza, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pastificio di Martino, QBA – Quality Beer Academy, Reale Mutua and UniCredit; Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT, Consulta delle Fondazioni di origine bancaria del Piemonte e della Liguria.

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